Charcoal Drawings by Idaho Artist Russ Smith

 Charcoal drawings of Wildlife

Charcoal Drawings of Wildlife

Wildlife and nature drawing as you will see are perhaps some of my favorite subjects to draw.

There is a nice selection of drawings here for your viewing pleasure. This collection current holds charcoal drawings of deer, elk, bears, cougars or mountain lions, big horn sheep, moose and wolves.You can view all these and more by clicking the Title above

 Western Charcoal drawings

Western Charcoal Drawings

Western art is where I have placed a selection of charcoal drawing depicting life out west as I have tried to capture the feelings and emotions of the western lifestyle with my drawings.

If you like horses, Landscapes, Old Wagons, Mule Teams, and the western life style this is a nice collection. Just click the title above to view my western artwork.

 Charcoal drawings of Pets and Animals

Pet & Animal

Charcoal drawings of pets and animals has been a fun collection to draw, and while I have not added many drawings to it yet as most of the pet portraits I have worked on were commissioned pieces I have added a few that just caught my eye while I was researching the commissioned works. This collection of charcoal drawings of animals contains dogs ,cats, and horses. Just click the title above to see more drawings like this.

 Charcoal drawings of Birds of Prey

Charcoal Drawings of Birds of Prey

I have always been fascinated with the bird of prey as the soar through the air so effortlessly. The feeling of freedom overwhelms me.

When they are perched resting their majestic beauty truly stands out. View some of these great birds of prey in my collection of work. This Gallery currently includes charcoal drawings of Owls, Eagles, and Hawks by clicking the title above.

 Digital Art combined with Charcoal drawings

Digital Art Prints

While I have just added this type of art too this collection.

I combine digital photographs and some of my charcoal drawings to produce a these prints . It seems to make the charcoal drawings even more life like and even appear to be a 3D image at times.

You can again check out some of my digital art works by clicking the title above.

 colored pencil drawings pastel drawing charcoal and pastel drawings

Mixed Media Drawings

A collection of mixed media drawings using pastels, charcoal and colored pencils.

These drawings are some of my newest works as I explore drawing with colored pencils and pastels. While my true passion still lays with charcoal this is an interesting experiment for me.

Check out this random collection of colored pencil drawings and mixed colored pencil and charcoal drawings a wide selection of subject matters are in this collection.

 Charcoal Portrait drawings

Charcoal Portraits

Charcoal portraits have long been a standard way of expressing and honoring loved ones. The Art of capturing ones image in charcoal is a way of telling some one just how much you love and respect them.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a charcoal drawing must be worth a million when it comes to showing your admiration for some one.

Check out some of my more resent charcoal portraits and you may find that capturing a loved one is the perfect way of honoring or remembering them.

 Charcoal drawings of fish and fishing

Fish and Fishing Drawings

There is a collection of charcoal drawings of fish and fishing from a rainbow trout to a successful Steelhead angler if you are into fishing or fish you owe it to yourself to check these out.

If you enjoy a good day out on the river you are sure to find something here of interest. What better way of relaxing then spending some time fishing, and if you can not be fishing then having a nice drawing to look at may well be just what you need from time to time.