Idaho Charcoal Drawings Artist Russ Smith

Charcoal Drawings by Idaho Artist Russ Smith


Idaho Charcoal Drawings Artist Russ Smith

As a nature lover who has spent fifty some odd years here in Idaho. It is my sincere hope that I am able to bring you the same excitement and pleasure of viewing some of Gods great creations. The love of drawing with charcoal with its rich tones and blending capabilities, it allows for the transformation of a blank piece of paper into an emotional filled piece of art.

As a self-taught artist that has only been drawing for a few years, I have decided to share my works with the world.

Charcoal drawings have been around since the beginning of time. Early man used them as a way of documenting their travel and hunting experiences. The use of charcoal today may not be the most common media for art. Yet a charcoal portrait has added a special sense of sincerity to a drawing.

Everyone has their favorite subject matter. You will soon see that a charcoal drawing of wildlife is mine. Second on this list would have to be Charcoal drawings of birds of prey.

Exploring the use of colored pencils and pastels opened a new way of presenting my art. Pastels are great when it comes to blending. Colored pencils work well for finer detailed work.

While viewing this site you will find a wide selection of charcoal drawings containing wildlife, fish, fishing, birds of prey, western art, colored pencil, and pastel drawings by Idaho Artist Russ Smith.

If you would like to see, a special animal or drawing please let me know I would be glad to try it. I am always looking for a new challenge so just leave a comment or suggestion.


I have categorized my drawing into different Charcoal Drawing Galleries along with a short description of each.

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